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OpenDirector is a platform for board chairs directors, individuals promoting their career, investors, financial institutions and risk/compliance officers who want more informed information on Australia’s business leaders.

Transparency for insiders

  • See your board skill matrix and areas of improvement
  • See your company’s stability index
  • Analyse if your CEO should be removed
  • Benchmark your director fees
  • Compare executive remuneration
  • See your performance and remuneration compared to other directors/executives
  • Join the database used by executive search firms
  • Update your profile
  • Curate who sees your profile
  • Communicate with executive search firms your preferred position preferences and constraints
Recruitment Firms
  • Understand candidates you are recommending and how they perform
  • Find new search or potential mandates coming available
  • View early warning signals on company stability based on changes in executive remuneration, staff and director turnover, and director share trading
  • View board composition and remuneration. Director share ownership

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